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Rodin Quartett
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Among the concert highlights were not only the masterworks of the classic-romantic literature, but also programs like “Music from Theresienstadt” with works by Gideon Klein, Hans Krása and Viktor Ullmann or a purely French program with compositions by Debussy, Tournier, Saint-Saens, Ravel and Caplet. Equally impressive was the concert for clarinet and string quartet by Harald Genzmer to celebrate his 90th birthday, a performance that the composer himself appreci-ated and commended very much.
Chamber music pieces requiring larger ensembles, such as Gustav MahlerÕs “Lied von der Erde” or “Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen” in the chamber music version by Arnold Schönberg, were also part of concert programs. Increasingly, the quartet is also developing a new profile as a “quartet of soloists” with orchestra, performing the
concert for quartet in A-minor, op. 131, by Louis Spohr, for example.

The Rodin Quartet, whose current members have known each other from their student days at the Academy of Music in Munich and have been playing together since 1993, continues with a great tradition. Important mentors like Yehudi Menuhin, Franz Beyer, Rudolf Koeckert, Ana Chu-machenco, Bruno Giuranna, the Melos Quartet and the Cherubini Quartet are among their spon-sors. The members of the Rodin Quartet have received awards at international competitions in Prague, Genoa, Gorizia, Munich and Helsinki, to name but a few. The ensemble has gained a considerable reputation at many concerts and festivals both in Germany and abroad. Prominent soloists like Eduard Brunner, Radu Lupu, Siegfried Palm, Anna Gourari, Hariolf Schlichtig, the soloists for wind instruments of
the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Seppo Kimanen, Helga and Klaus Storck are all chamber music partners with whom the quartet has been enlivening the music scene for years.

The four musicians Sonja Korkeala, Gerhard Urban (violins), Martin Wandel (viola) and Clemens Weigel (violoncello) underscore their presence in the young chamber music scene with their own concert series at the Residence in Munich. During the 2002/2003 season, marking the tenth anniversary of the Rodin Quartet, the ensemble will play a concert series encompassing all the string quartets by Ludwig van Beethoven.