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Rodin Quartett
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Among the young string quartets, the Rodin Quartet is one of the most renowned. Numerous CD recordings, productions for radio and TV networks and frequent concerts on the international stage clearly mirror the whole bandwidth of this ensemble.

The young musicians excel with their musical maturity, their technical skill and harmony as well as their captivating, ebullient and dynamic interpretations. It is here that that the Rodin Quartet reflects its affinity with Auguste Rodin, the French sculptor the group adopted their name from.

In their wide-ranging repertoire, performances of contemporary compositions are just as routine as compositions for quartet that are unknown or rarely performed.
Thus there were no less than six premieres at a concert held at the International Bayreuth Festival Meeting. Most of these were dedicated to the ensemble. Siegfried Palm, renowned cellist and expert on contemporary music, was so impressed that he spontaneously invited the quartet to the Westdeutsche Rundfunk (a German radio and TV network) for several joint productions.

Other outstanding examples are the recordings and performances of the string quartets by Franz, Ignaz and Vinzenz Lachner, which received rave reviews in music periodicals. As an example, “Klassik heute” wrote, “The young Rodin Quartet has again proven that it is a highly committed and competent ensemble.

The golden general tone of incredible warmth never sounds sharp. The instruments blend homogeneously without losing their individual
qualities, and a breathing, finely tuned cooperation are virtues with which this first-rate quartet excels.”

The “Jahrbuch für Musik in Baden-Württemberg 2000” wrote, “In addition, there was a delightful interpretation by the highly talented Rodin Quartet, making the CD a very special treat for every lover of chamber music who wants to get to know new music beyond the run of the mill productions”. The Südwestpresse commented, “What is so fascinating about this group is not only their mesmerizing drive and straightforward approach, but especially the seriousness and deep perceptiveness permeating through their beat”.